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Please stop

Posted by ArtistGamerNerd - July 1st, 2020

Hi. I'm here to say that I don't mind people liking or not liking my artwork.

But I'm tired of people insulting my artworks just because they don't think I'm

improving. It takes time people I will improve on it that's why I keep drawing

not only because I love drawing but I also want to improve.

And some of you people who insult my works are not even good at drawing

I saw some of your drawings and they are worse than mine.

But I don't mind criticism, whether be polite or harsh. But if you used that as a disguise

by insulting my work you are an asshole.

So please If you don't like my artwork and want to insult it then more on to someone

who got better artworks than me that's all you have to.

I'm tired of people saying ''don't ever draw again'' or ''my eyes are burning.''

whether that I'm on this or any other site please leave me alone if you plan to insult

my artwork because I'm tired of it. Thank you.

BTW, Still gonna draw no matter what but still just stop insulting please thank you again.




idk dude, i find your artworks cute and hilarious ).Don't pay too much attention to these evil guys. The main thing is that you keep improving your drawing skill. Good luck

The more often you upload, the less they'll see improvement. Improvement does take time. Take time between submissions. It gives you more time to improve but submitting too often pushes your work closer to the spam side of the scale. ;)

Don't let anyone bring you down. We all start somewhere, we didn't fall out of the womb sculpting masterpieces. we improve one drawing at a time.
You have the will and determination, I believe in you. :> DO WHAT YOU LOVE!

That's foolish. Everyone started drawing as children because... well, we were children! Try to use reference and start with simple shapes like spheres. Keep learning!

@Exedor yea same with me. I’m working on a artwork that’s taking me forever because of school but it’s still going good.

Look; I'm usually a jerk but your art is... yeah it's not that good. Trust me I've said MUCH, much worse things. Here is what you need to do;
1. Learn character proportions
2. Learn how to properly color
3. Learn to shade
4. master the basics
5. Repetition
6. Fail faster
7. Repeat

Your work is being pumped out sure but it's lacking actual quality control. Characters not having hands that look right, eyes that are too far apart such as the Silver drawing, look at your artwork and see the mistakes and try to improve upon them.

You need to work with more simple things first, your artwork needs some improvements in many areas. Just remember Rome wasn't built in a day, you have to be willing to put the time and effort in order to build Rome, in this case, your skills if you ever want to improve.

I'm giving you genuine helpful advice here, take it from me who posted his cringe art on here too. I look at my past work and call it garbage and want to know why? It gives me all the more reasons to improve.

If you're serious about wanting to improve take it on the chin that your art is bad and looks horrible and look at that as a sign of a need to improve because that's the same mindset I had taken with me in coding to art.

If I didn't have honest people around me telling me what I was making was bad I would still be writing edgy Gary Stew Stories instead of trying to improve.

Don't mind the insults, just keep on working on your art. You can also be my friend if u want

Bro your artwork is cool and ChrisChan-pilled

You're trying your best and that's what matters

Keep doing what you want to do because you find it fun! Don't worry what other people think. <3